Association of grass and legumes seed growers is non-profit-making organization associating the growers, seed enterprises, research and breeding institutions deals with seed production grass and legumes.

Ordinary member of the Czech Seed Trade Association


Association of grass and legumes seed growers

Hamerska 698

756 54 Zubří

Czech Republic

phone: +420 603 552 195

fax:      +420 571 658 197



Main activities:

 - protects right and interest of members and the whole grass and legumes seed industry

 - represents the industry in contact to the central bodies (Ministry of Agriculture, Central Institute for Supervising and Testing in Agriculture, State Phytosanitary Agency, etc.)

 - works out special statements on legislation and other central standards

 - organizes seminars and field advisory

 - share on seed research and transfer its results to the practice